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The How To Project, is a work project division, created by Maria Ribeiro and Luciano Fidalgo, intended for Spiritual and Personal Development, Practic Life, Social and Human Sciences and General Management areas, created in 2013 with Taillants d’Allure.

They came to the conclusion that it was possible to create a project with a strong creative component, in which writing would have a prominent role. After a long and very big brainstorm process, they concluded that it would make sense, to create a nickname, an alias, that standed for both of them.
M. L. Taillant was born.

The How To Project is a dream come true that helps them love what they do. It’s who they are. As a couple team working side by side, they aspire to provide value to all.

Their goal is to create work that is honest. Solutions that are exploratory, educational and inspirational.

The How To Project focus its work, research and product recommendation on three main areas, Wealth, Health and Lifestyle.

2016 will see the first, The How To Project by ML Taillant, published book, O Líder Que Ninguém Quer Ser (The Leader That Nobody Wants To Be). This first edition will be published in Portuguese, but soon will be also available in English, so that all our Followers, Clients and Friends, can have his own copy.

Both Maria and Luciano know that each area is a huge by itself. Each area provides lots of niches with specific topics and approaches. They work to make and find products that are the best in each niche. Helping you to find what you are looking for. They will always struggle to get you the best free content. They will also provide you the top best online products and programs available at an affordable price.

Set your goals, design your path, that The How To Project will provide your shortcuts to success.

Start now the life that you always dreamed.

To your success.


Maria - her

Top writer, marketer, manager, PR and trend setter.

Luciano - him

Great designer, entrepreneur, writer, manager and marketer.



“As a team our skills are stronger and enhanced working together. Our background is very vast and goes from marketing to product design, from coaching to parenting, from managing to manufacture. The ride hasn’t been easy but we got this far. We are committed to help you and to make your path easier. We have been there before… now is our time to help.”

Maria & Luciano

Make It Work

If we can, you can also! Make it work for you. The first step is wanting. If you do not want something you will never make the next important step… taking action!

Take Action

After you find out what do you want, you need to take action! The How To Project, provides you free products that will set you starting point and that will help you go to the next level!

The Next Level

This is where you want to be! It won’t be easy! Your decisions will make you go farer and further. We will help you step by step with your progression. Sharing our experiences, our and our friends programs and by sharing tips that will set you in your own track! Find your success and have a full life.

Writing 98%

Marketing 88%

Coaching 84%

Programming 78%

Product Design 88%




The choices that you make, set the life that you take…

We strongly believe that our destiny is set by our choices. All are good for learning, some will take you to your goals
through a longer path… others are shortcuts.

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