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About Maria Ribeiro

Maria Ribeiro - Writer, Marketer, Manager

In an orderly fashion I will help you identify problems, think further and in a comprehensive manner, I will teach you the advantages of being proactive. I will help you make decisions and take the consequences. You will learn to share your vision without being afraid of doing. You will come to the conclusion that leadership is only supported by a good team.

Maria Ribeiro, was born on April 13th 1975, she is a graduated in Translation Science and Comparative Culture at Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração de Vila Nova de Gaia (Vila Nova de Gaia Supeior Institute of Languages and Administration). From very early on she became interested in literary arts. Currently she splits her time between the role of Marketing Director, her family, and of course, writing.

From an early stage Maria found herself surrounded by entrepreneurs, managers and self-made tycoons. Her heritage come from textile industry where she collected most of her marketing and sales skills.

After she graduated, she started her career has a marketer in a fine porcelain company. Role played for a very long time, proving to be crucial to her international market knowhow and negotiation leverage.

Maria is also an entrepreneur herself. Being partner with a high end fashion store, Maria has an eye for business.

The How to Project is a Maria’s personal project. She knows this is a great part of a very large and big picture that she, and Luciano are building and want to succeed. She knows that helping is the first step to greatness. Being part of a humble social solidarity entity, Maria is familiar with helping… and that is why she wants to take it to a bigger level!

The condition of winning is only provided to those who fight for victory!

Be sure that every moment counts and that is made for you to win your daily battles. All steps count.

Maria's Skills

Managing 92%

Marketing 82%

Writing 94%

Maria faces awkward situations all the time in her line of duty. If you think you have eared it all, think again, because Maria will tell you something that you even ever thought it was possible. There are lots of freeloaders out there. Unfortunately they are CEO’s, managers, or key people that with their actions normally do a lot of damage to their own companies without noticing it. Like a fireman, after the damage is done, Maria is used to be called to manage the situation and only give up when the fire is extinguished...

Marketing is Maria’s second vocabulary. It is all about setting the right team, to do the right tasks, at the right time. This is Maria’s marketing. And she rules it!

Being a parent of a teenager and a young child, both girls, Maria is used to direct and adapt her speech to a vast public. Maria is always aware of the power that a single word can carry. A special word, placed or said at the right time can do magic. Maria is a specialist on writing addressing all.

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