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ML Taillant - Creative Author

I do not think it is easy to be a Leader. I think it is quite the opposite. Being Leader is so difficult that I must say that I've never met anyone who I truly could call Leader. Maybe it's because I'm too demanding. However, I have the same opinion about what I consider to be Leadership. The condition to lead is a close parallel with the condition of being human. Being a Leader is an optional path that no one is asked to follow…

ML Taillant is a pseudonym, an alias, created by Maria Ribeiro and Luciano Fidalgo to give a unique identity to their creations.

This couple came to the conclusion that it was possible to set a project with a strong creative component, in which writing would have a prominent role. After a very long brainstorm process, they concluded that it would make sense, create a nickname. M. L. Taillant was born. The first two letters of this alias are, “M” from Maria and “L” from Luciano, has simple has that, and "Taillant", an allusion to the retail, using a French terminology that somehow becomes the name. There was also the concern to create a designation with marketing intentions that provided a greater margin of acceptance in non-Lusophone speaking markets.

As they did not want ML Taillant to be identified as a niche writer, dedicating his work just to one area, they understood that it would be interesting to divide this project in to areas that readers could easily recognize. Thus, comes the "The How To Project," which is no more than the division intended to the areas of Personal Development, Practical Life, Social and Human Sciences, and Management.

ML Taillant also proposes to write literature, focusing on topics such as Tales, Humor, Poetry, Thrillers and Romances.

Within the "The How To Project," ML Taillant has just written "The Leader That Nobody Wants To Be.", to be published in the beginning of 2016, reporting the view that António Silva has of what must be a Leader. Within "The How To Project" he is currently writing two new books.

The "The How To Project", is set to aim to also be developed in a context beyond the books. It will privide web pages for each book, online coaching with "step-by-step training" programs, lectures and trainings.

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I do not think it is easy to be a Leader. It is quite the opposite...

Sometimes the best solution is to analyze first and make a decision after!

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