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About Luciano Fidalgo

Luciano Fidalgo - Designer, Marketer and Manager

Being a Leader is more than to Lead, you must create goals and purposes, all vital for a successful Leadership. It is necessary for you to create Leadership guarantees of sustainability, strongly supported on knowledge, sense of justice, integrity and loyalty. These sustainability guarantees depend on how you manage your dependencies, your decision-making and especially on how enthusiastic you can be. Obviously it all depends on your endurance as well as your altruism.

Luciano Fidalgo, was born on April 23rd, 1979. He has a degree in Product Design for Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão do Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo (Superior School of Technology and Management of Viana do Castelo Polytechnic Institute). Writing, along with design have always been present in its day-by-day. Currently he dedicates his time to the project Taillants d'Allure, in which The How To Project is inserted.

Luciano has a very humble background. He comes from a family that dedicated its life to the sea, being he’s great mentor, he’s maternal grandfather a cod fish and tuna fisherman. His mother also take a big role in Luciano’s education. For most of her life she worked has an administrative secretary and as an administrative director. Luciano owes a lot to these two, and took he’s major life lessons from both of them. He’s grandfather for the father role he played in Luciano’s life… he’s mother for being the constant support to all the decisions he made.

Maria is also a great big figure to Luciano and a great support. Being he’s partner on The How To Project, it is also a partner in life. They both know what they want to achieve… and this is only the beginning.

All men dream, but not equally...

This T.E. Lawrence quote means a lot to me. Because I prefer to dream with my eyes open, I try to act in all my day dreams… just to make sure I do not became a dangerous men.

Luciano's Skills

Graphic Design 92%

Marketing 82%

Programming 78%

Trough all his career Luciano has provided a solution to all requests that he had along this long road started in 1996. Soon he realized that design was in his veins. With product design has a background, Luciano never turns his back to a challenge. Always defending that every project has its own demands and singularities. All solutions must be tailor made.

Since he got graduated he was part of very diverse teams, acting in different economic activity sectors, from the public sector to the private sector. Sometimes working in parallel in different companies. The marketing and sales bug started when, after graduation, struggling to find a job he end up to be a sales representative for a Kirby franchise. The sales virus was there and remained!

The new passion is programming and site building. Only being a newbie, Luciano already starts to show his new capabilities. Let’s see what the future brings…

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